Madagascar girl
Man by the window
Old village woman in greenery


Orange-coloured roads; hilly, barren landscapes contrasted by the colourful clothes worn by the friendly Malagasy; vivid green patches of rice fields and purple jacaranda trees; cebu carts passing us by and the looks of surprise and wonder; all those gigantic baobabs standing by themselves like majestic pillars; canyons and razor sharp tsingys; plant and animal species you can only witness here and more mango or lychee you could ever care to eat. A truly amazing country with so much variety and beauty. 

| 2016 | 

Baobab trees in Madagascar
Man walking on Avenue of Baobabs
Father and son on the way
Children selling baobabs
Sapphire mine in Ilakaka
Man working in a sapphire mine in Ilakaka
Boy pulling the bull
Cart on a dust road
Boy in the village
Girls making braids
Children with Colgate
Indri in Andasibe national park
Woman guide in Andasibe
Lemur in Western Madagascar
Man by the pool
Green gecko in Andasibe national park
Girl with fruits
Isalo national park
Man in Isalo
Children with buckets
Tsingy de Bemaraha
Tsingy de Bemaraha viewpoint
Village man in Madagascar
Village with baobab trees
Smiling guy
Rice fields in Central Madagascar
Girl in a local dance class
Village well
Man smiling on the pathway
Women with wild silk scarves
Madagascar silk
Madagascar silk weaver
Small town in Madagascar
Pousse-pousse drivers in Madagascar
Beach in St Marie island
Ile Sainte-Marie
Girl searching for clams
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