Cambodia, lessons of resourcefulness:

Travelling in Cambodia made me see how inventive people can be when it comes to make do with what you have, especially if it is not a whole lot. In particular, with the means of transport from one place to another.

Not surprisingly the most popular vehicle is a "moto". The whole family can fit on one and not only that but also pieces of furniture, bunch of chicken and whatever else needs carrying. The biggest I saw hoisted on a motorbike was a double bed.

Then there are the self-made ferries for river crossing with an old Coca-Cola bottle used as a fuel tank. The countless number of two-in-one boat-homes by Tonle Sap. And how could I forget the self-made bamboo trains that ran on old train tracks?

Cambodia is much more than Angkor, the khmer pride, although it is amazing in itself. Nor is it all about the past horrors, although the evidence of it still lingers on. For me it was more about the people and their endless resourcefulness.

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