Croatia & Montenegro - the Balkans:

The South of Croatia and the Kotor Bay area in Montenegro were my first visit to the Balkans. After a glimpse of emerald-blue patches of water glittering invitingly from airplane window, the rest of the trip seemed to be defined by the beautiful Adriatic Sea and its winding coastline.

It felt like one could spend hours floating on the limpid waters of the salty Adriatic. Although its bays have been taken over by seemingly otherworldly cruise ships, motor boats and expensive yachts that might as well have a rich Arab sheikh or a megastar surrounded by bikini-clad babes on board.

The locals cast their lines in the water on a random stony-concrete waterfront and might easily go for a swim returning with an octopus. No wonder the seafood is delicious. Look around and you will notice grapes, fig and pomegranate, orange, lemon and olive trees among the lofty cypresses.

You need not go too far to see history. Centuries-old limestone houses with red rooftops by the sides of curvy mountain roads are just as captivating as the old cities of Dubrovnik in Croatia or Perast or Kotor in Montenegro caught in the midst of tourist frenzy on hot summer days. Better escape & have a dip.

| 2014 |

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