Philippines - a positive surprise:

I was hoping for a quiet getaway – no stress, just the sea, beach, some sun, good seafood and a couple of books. So I flew to Palawan, an island in the western corner of Philippines stretching towards Borneo like a long thin bridge between the South China Sea and Sulu Sea.

Apart from a long ride with a jeepney bus and getting stuck in the mud as well as a nightmarish 24 hour boat trip (that was supposed to take 7-8 hours but meant getting into a kind of storm at night, anchoring close to a small island, and being afraid of not getting out of it alive), this is also what I got.

The white sand and emerald sea with little hilly islets on the horizon and the only worry being how to not get hit by coconuts while lounging in the hammock, Palawan was a positive surprise for me. Not only the idyllic islands around it but also El Nido, the backpacker hub in the Northern coast of Palawan.

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