Holga, the unpredictable.

Sometimes it is refreshing to take photos as a kind of an experiment. Not knowing how the light and colours will look or even if the subject is completely in focus. To lose control of the photo a little.

All of this is offered by the cheap plastic medium format camera Holga, where vignetting, blurring, light leaks and unpredictability are part of the deal. It was only when I got home from my trip that I saw the photos I had taken.

These images are from Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. Pulled together with a black tape and too harmless to be noticed, nobody cared to steal my Holga, let alone be frightened by it.

The people I photographed seemed to have as much fun with the camera as I did. The only thing that confused them was that no picture appeared on the back side, as it normally does nowadays. Alas, no one expects film anymore.

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